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  1. Update 2.0

    1) The engine (twin-turbo 6.2-litre gasoline 90° V8 engine DOHC-32) was upgraded.
    Comparative performance figures (engine version 2 / engine version 1)
    Power: 627,7 kW (853 hp) at 6500 rpm / 479,0 kW (651 hp) at 6400 rpm
    Torque: 961,8 N⋅m (709,4 lb⋅ft) at 4900 rpm / 863,8 N⋅m (637,1 lb⋅ft) at 4400 rpm
    Compression: 9.8:1 / 9.7:1
    2) The chassis was improved.
    3) The suspension settings were changed.
    4) The tyre sizes were changed.
    5) The brake discs, brake pads were changed.
    5) Steel wheel discs were replaced by alloy wheel discs.
    7) The traction aids system was improved.
    8) The rear wing was added.
    9) The vents surface areas were increased.
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