Spikes / NodeGrabber / Spikestrip 8

Spikestrip as a Prop

  1. Fixed vehicle specific bindings wrongfully overwritten bug

    Fixed wrongfully overwrite of vehicle specific bindings
  2. Compatibility Fix

    Updated to the current BeamNG version (0.15)
  3. Model overhaul & lagfree spawning

    The model got a freshup (less complexity) and a new texture based on...
  4. Gravil Grand Marshal Update

    The Gravil Grand Marshal is now able to deploy spikes on the go. The controls can be adjusted in the vehicle specific bindings section.
  5. Corrected Colormap & Fix for the lastest Update

    Now it is working in the lastest Update
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  6. Stability Update

    From now on are the Spikes a lot resistant against external force. So now can the Spikes grab better, so the theory. ;)
  7. Little Step forward, thx to the Mod support meeting #1

    Improved Physics, little Texture, better readable code
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  8. New Body and Physicsproperties

    New Body and Physicsproperties 20160310150445_1.jpg
  9. Now with a info file to prevent errors in the console ( THX to meywue)

    Now with a info file to prevent errors in the console ( THX to meywue)
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