Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers 22

Universal wheel spacer system. Fix your stance.

  1. performance / mechanical update

    6-lug spacer meshes are now better positioned. The rest of the changes are of a technical nature, but result in better performance & compatibility.


    • Updated LUT for 6-lug offroad offset
    • Moved to using new jbeam variable expressions, resulting in a 90% reduction in parts generation and a 75% reduction in processing time. There may still be a lot of refactoring in the near future, please do not build anything which depends on this right now.
    • Improved...
  2. Initial v0.18 support

    Better late than never! The mod now loads and works correctly in v0.18. Coincidentally the version number for this update is also 18.

    Very little has changed:
    • Updated mod loader script to current syntax.
    • Updated filepaths for tempfile deletion to include leading "/".
    • The look-up table (LUT) has not been updated and seems like it might not be a perfect match for all content anymore.

    If you notice that the spacer mesh is in the wrong place please post about it in...
  3. tolerance 2

    Spaced Out will now safely process mods which lack flexbodies for their tires/wheels/hubcaps. Parts with no flexbodies will be logged as errors.
  4. tolerance update

    It seems that some old or low quality mods might be missing certain critical bits of jbeam. The base game will crash if, for instance, a part is missing the "information" block. This only applied when the game tried to load the part, while this mod loads universal wheels and tires from all mods whenever it generates spacers. I've added a check for a couple of required items (information block and parent slot type). If those jbeam sections are missing the mod will now log an error...
  5. behavior update

    This update creates more friendly back-end behavior from the mod. It does not change the gameplay aspects. Uninstallation is easier in most cases.

    • Changed file layout and extension loading to more closely mimic official content.
    • Detect when mod is disabled and delete temporary parts.
    • Delete temporary parts on game exit.
    • Restored safety of "safe delete" function.
    • Stopped exporting some internal functions.
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