Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers 17

Universal wheel spacer system. Fix your stance.

  1. torsion
    This mod does not contain any parts; it generates all of it's parts while the game is running. It should be compatible with all official content as well as mod content which uses the universal wheel system. (see Performance / Technical notes at the bottom for more info) Feedback is welcome in the discussion thread temporary discussion thread.

    "Spaced Out" currently includes these spacers or adapters for all wheel slots:*
    • 5mm
    • 10mm
    • 25mm
    • 30mm
    • 40mm
    • 50mm
    • 60mm
    • 76.2mm (3in)

    Additional Gameplay / Performance / Technical notes:
    • On my system (with D-up installed) the spacer system currently generates approximately two million (2,000,000) lines of unattractively formatted jbeam. This should be roughly equivalent to 500,000 lines of normally formatted jbeam. These jbeams are all re-generated whenever a mod is enabled or disabled as well as when the game starts. On my computer it takes about 1.6 seconds to do this each time (thanks to BeamNG's super fast JSON parser). Your log/console will reflect this information.
    • The way this mod works is by grabbing ALL wheels and tires and then generating "offset" versions of them. Each "spacer" contains a special slot for it's offset of wheel... and the wheels that fit into that special slot each contain their own special offset slots for tires and hubcaps.
    • I previously addressed some of the problems with implementing spacers/adapters with my posts in this thread: MapleBacon - Wheel Adapter / Spacer
    • *In rare cases a wheel may simply not work with spacers. Trust me, you'll know.
    • Due to the nature of this mod, the default wheels which each spacer will select tend to be a little random. There isn't a good solution to this, but in the future they may be slightly less random.
    • This mod is not compatible with very old versions of D-up. If you use D-up, please ensure that you have D-up v023 or greater, which was released on May 7, 2017.
    • Manual Uninstallation: v13 or greater should not require special uninstallation steps. Previous versions may have left parts behind in the directory "Documents\\vehicles\common\torsion\spaced-out". It's fine to delete this directory if necessary. Clearing your cache will also remove this directory.
    Gavril Barstow w/ stock offset -vs- Gavril Barstow with +25mm front and rear:
    screenshot_00148_crop.jpg screenshot_00149_crop.jpg
    Ibishu Hopper w/ +30mm in the rear only, Ibishu Covet w/ +40 in the rear only:
    screenshot_00142_crop.jpg screenshot_00140_crop.jpg
    Gavril H-Series before and after with +76.2mm:
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Recent Reviews

  1. zboy561
    Version: 17
    This mod doesnt work in .15 which sucks because its a really good mod
  2. superdankmaster
    Version: 17
    Great mod, seems that it's not working in the latest update though :(
  3. blackboy trash
    blackboy trash
    Version: 17
  4. Motherhazel
    Version: 14
    How dare you using the metric system as a reference. I love you.
  5. Lambo54098
    Version: 14
    Needs to be wider
  6. Jeff.Hend20
    Version: 14
    Mine isn't working. When going to choose the spacer, It isn't there. I've tried re-installing the mod. It isn't working. I loved the mod when it used to work.
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
  7. OctaCoreGamer
    Version: 14
    Amazing now my cars have a great fitment and dont look like thomas the freaking tank engine
  8. ToxicBane
    Version: 14
    How does this work? :(
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
  9. SanderCarGuy
    Version: 14
    good mod, and a very WIDE selection to choose from
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
      I see what you did there. ;-) :-D
  10. Roundyghetto2
    Version: 01
    Very good, lots of options!
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