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Alpha South Park 0.7.6

A LIDAR heightmap of 8km square of south east Denver, Colorado, USA, based map for driving.

  1. Road works

    Many improvements to the main roads (getting carpal tunnel from all these nodes haha)
    Sorted out most/all bus stop positioning
  2. Actually made the AI roads AI drivable, D'oh

    Yea as I said, D'oh
    Improved many AI main roads

    I am going to be adding more features and buildings on my leave this time.
    (I work 4 days on and 4 days off for a ferry company in the south of England (Condor Ferries))
  3. AI Dirt roads

    Penciled in the dirt tracks and laid AI roads on them

    The AI chases should be much more interesting now, no smoothing on them yet though. Check the discussions tab for screenshots.
  4. Terrain detail and spawn points

    Added 4 spawn points for freeroam (thumbnails to come)
    Added some terrain detail
  5. Fixed roads

    Changed decal road textures to transparent able ones to stop the flickering
    Tidied up the roundabout somewhat
  6. Spawn points and roads

    Added 4 spawn locations (still need thumbnails)
    Added blocks to the ends of the roads at the ends of the maps (for now)
    Added turn around roads at the ends of main roads for AI to turn round easier
    Straightened more roads and fixed more underlays
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