Beta Soliad Fieri S Pack (V6 + V8) 1.1

2 new engines, turbos, 9 additional configs and more!

  1. p494
    It was 1989...

    Soliad decided it would be the best and final year for the Fieri. They gave the Fieri a spruced up V6 engine and improved the rear suspension for better drive-ability. Soliad also made a limited number of GT-S Fieri's which included a Supercharged V6 and upgraded suspension all-round.

    Included in the Fieri S Pack:
    1. A 3.0L V6 and 3.2L V8
    2. Stage 1, 2, 3 Turbo and a Centrifugal Supercharger
    3. S-Grade performance engine internals*
    4. 5 new Differential Ratios (2 LSD, 3 Open)
    5. 2 Radiators
    6. New exhausts
    7. 9 Configurations
    *S-Grade engine internals are only a substitution as the current Stage 1, 2 Long Block options cannot withstand much torque and I'd rather not edit the Soliad Fieri directly.

    Permission granted by waboll to release this add-on pack. Requires the Soliad Fieri mod which you can download here:

Recent Updates

  1. 3.2L Civetta produced V8!!

Recent Reviews

  1. mmmmhg
    Version: 1.1
    Love the v8 sound and great work by the way there are some mad people in this world who put huge v8 superchargers in the front of these but this is better than huge v8s in the front becuase the sound and great work
  2. mmmmhg
    Version: 1.0
    Love it. You should make a mod with a v8 in the fieri either in the front or back but idk
    1. p494
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I'll see what I can do ;)
  3. Fordster
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome! Going to have to test this out with my Drag config :)
  4. Leon_Rot
    Version: 1.0
    waboll should add this in the fieri mod :D
  5. waboll
    Version: 1.0
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