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Beta So-Cal Interstate Highway (126 miles of road & path) 0.8

42.4 miles of expressway, 63+ miles of surface road & 15 miles of jeeping trail & then some

  1. bob.blunderton
    New version 0.8 for game version 0.8.x, WORKS 100% with 0.9.0.x!
    Make sure if you downloaded RC6 or RC7, delete those before you play from mods directory, otherwise, the game may confuse this for that, etc. If you still see v 6 or 7 you know to do that.
    If it says version 8, on the level select, you are fine!

    The sequel to Nevada Interstate is here!

    126 miles of realistic highway and surface roads.
    A little something for everyone - see features below!
    40~42 miles of highway with several realistic interchanges
    Interchanges include full and partial cloverleafs, 3-y interchanges/ flyover/under interchanges, diamond interchanges, and more.
    Realistic banked ramps and viable merge aprons, full road striping, etc.
    60~something miles of surface road, from calm and boring wide roadways to winding, twisty, make your spouse sick to her stomach snake paths that make your suspension and tires beg for mercy (especially if you fall off one of the ever-present cliffs).
    Speaking of cliffs, they are EVERYWHERE. There's plenty of guard rail, but there's plenty more cliffs. Most turns are banked, but going too fast or finding a side-road that may not be could end you up in the drink.
    Jumps, they're everywhere, both man-made and natural ones.
    Lots of the mountains can be driven right up if they're not too steep, possibly even at great speed, if you're bored enough anywho... so do have fun mountain jumping - yes, it's intentional!
    There are three 'loops' of roads in this map, interspersed with other misc side roads, trails, etc:
    *Innermost loop is like a boulevard, 5 lanes, great for drifting or jumping the water ponding on portions of the roadway in low-spots (should NOT drown the vehicle even if you don't jump it, with modest momentum). This is around 8~10 miles long.
    *Middle loop is two long straights of highway, interspersed mostly at the ends with curves, this is around a dozen or so miles.
    *Outermost loop is the longest, this has OVER TWO DOZEN MILES of twisty turns, banked long sweeping curves made for speed, a few straight-aways, many not-too-steep hills as it climbs up and down, and sometimes through the many mountains and hills around the map.

    Other surface roads:
    There's also a four-lane highway that hugs parts of two sides of the map, goes through a tunnel, etc, fairly wide and predictable. This goes for about 10~12 miles. There's a few of these 4/5 lane roads around.
    There's also several dozen miles worth of winding, mountainous curving 2-lane roads that will be loved by sports-car drivers everywhere. Some hills may be rather steep, but this is California, after-all.
    Last but not least, There's OVER A DOZEN MILES OF TRAIL (IIRC 15+ miles of it). Do enjoy!
    Again, everything is fully waypointed/navmeshed for fun with the AI.

    No signs, traffic lights, or buildings *YET*. I will have signs and traffic signals in the next version, along with working lane-splitting features.

    This is a beta so please don't mind a few imperfect things. The roadways are done, there are no buildings/lights/trees/etc/other-unnecessary items.
    99.8% of all roads have been smoothed to perfection.
    AI is in full working order and will even stay in lane most times on the highway. Don't use the 0.8.x lane splitter feature for the AI yet (in AI control panel app), or it may drive off the side of the highway/cliffs/etc. While it works fine on back roads, it could cause an issue on the highway routes which pre-date this rather-super-duper-awesome-and-i-did-ask-for-it game feature :) I love you, Beamng.drive developers and moderators. I could not ask for a better group of people.

    Extensively tested by me for 3 hours+ on the new game version 0.9.x

    Interface left on for the mileage down there @ bottom of shot.

    The following videos are of the OLD version but give you a hint.
    WhyBeAre did a partial review here (too big for a full review in one vid) :

    1MBStudios did a quick run-through of 10~12 miles of highway here:

    As always, thanks for the video coverage guys. Very helpful!

    FPS is GOOD for a map of this size and detail, though it could be better.
    A radeon 7850 2gb will get approximately 27.5~55fps on this map while moving depending on where you are. This is at STOCK clocks. This system that I tested this on is GPU-limited, not CPU limited. If you have a better video card and a recent intel cpu, expect 30~60fps or better.
    An RX 480 8gb with a modern CPU should do well here though there are some random spots with fps drops for no reasons, like looking out to sea.

    CREDITS: While I have done the lion's share of the work here, everything that is here would not be possible without Ouerbacker's assistance with kindly letting me use his one tunnel mesh, rock facade, and a few select textures and models (most models not yet in use here).
    Level production, bridge creation, road placement, pretty much most everything you will see, is what I've done. It's 100's of hours of work, doing something I enjoy very much, and am rather good at. 20+ years of game mod-design starting with Doom mods and ending up here, been modding pretty much since the Pentium's came out circa 94~95.

    Version 8 fixes all the annoying bugs and works with game version 0.8x

    No serious bugs with this map, if you find some, head on over to the discussion forum. If you can't run this for what-ever, go there too.

    As PC's advance, and this game advances, and I get access to more building models, there may rise a city from this map one day.
    If you would like to donate building models with working collision, that I can use in my future versions of this map, you will receive credit and my gratitude (and the gratitude of many, many others).
    Pics are current and of 0.8 version. Lots of highways for speed!


    1. 20161226193148_1.jpg
    2. 20161226193301_1.jpg
    3. 20161226193414_1.jpg
    4. 20161226193431_1.jpg
    5. 20161230205259_1.jpg
    6. 20161230205313_1.jpg
    7. 20161230214604_1.jpg
    8. 20161231012017_1.jpg
    9. 20170103011455_1.jpg
    10. 20170103011543_1.jpg
    11. 20170103011619_1.jpg
    12. 20170103011817_1.jpg
    13. 20170103022240_1.jpg
    14. 20170103022402_1.jpg
    15. 20170103022520_1.jpg
    16. 20170103022601_1.jpg
    17. 20170103022800_1.jpg
    18. 20170103022810_1.jpg
    19. 20170103022926_1.jpg
    20. 20170103023012_1.jpg
    21. 20170103023040_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Trin32
    Version: 0.8
    Not bad
  2. TheActionHero
    Version: 0.8
    Holy crap. I don't know what you've done, but when I played this back in September 2016, I could only get around 3 fps. Now my laptop can easily maintain close to 35-40 fps. (AMD A10-5745M Radeon Quad-Core)
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Beamng.drive engine optimizations my friend, plus I converted the last non-dds textures to native direct-draw format (works with compression and hence faster rendering). If your video is slow knock off reflections if they're on, if your cpu is holding you up turn off shadows (or leave them on for just the car). This is a pretty complex map to render with a high draw-distance (lots of poly's) so I am quite glad it runs on the APU for you. Also, the near-the-edge slowdown of v 0.7 and 0.8 game engine seems to be addressed now, especially good for the highway that rings the outside of the map for the most part.
  3. Kachina163
    Version: 0.8
    Pretty amazing except i don't really like the sudden road color changes and some roads are a bit unrealistic, other than that, it's great!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Yes, this does have rather abrupt pavement changes, but that is because not all highways are 100% paved at the same time, it simulates aging of pavement better this way, as to not be so bland and boring.
      This map was made for fun primarily, so not all roads are 100% realistic, some are just plain crazy jumps too.
      This map might be updated in the future with more buildings as models become available in the mod community here at Beamng, so as to not be so boring. Thanks for writing in.
  4. Captain. Adam
    Captain. Adam
    Version: 0.8
    Good .
  5. JMHeelfan
    Version: 0.8
  6. menthol1023
    Version: 0.8
    I have an i3-6100 and a GTX 1080 and it runs very well, but I have noticed a few fps drops here and there, but it's no big deal :)
    And my CPU is temporary if you were wondering why I have it paired with a 1080.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Your cpu is just fine for the task at hand. Only more simultaneous cars would benefit from having a more multi-core cpu like an i5 or i7, aside of the GHZ speed increase that comes with the upgrade. I am currently thinking it's more game-engine related at the moment, but I am still tinkering about with it trying a few things. This map does use over half of the alotted objects total allowed per-map so it's up-there in 'work load' for the game engine. Thanks for writing in and glad you enjoyed it.
  7. VocalCloth
    Version: 0.8
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Nice review. I saw your CPU is overheating. Try and see if you can UNDERCLOCK the PC's processor by a few hundred megahertz (like put it to 3.2ghz instead of 3.5ghz, or disable turbo mode in the bios). Also, try taking the side off (if you don't void the warranty in the process, IF it's under warranty yet), and aiming a desk fan at the PC.
      The INTEL stock cooler that many OEM's include with the chips themselves in the PC isn't nearly good enough to do it's job when running this game. My i7 4790k barely keeps cool at it's turbo speed with a 100$ air cooler, where the stock cooler couldn't even hold it's stock speed, and almost never the turbo speed. A hyper 212 by cooler master is a good cheap cooler, that should fit in most PC's but I'd recommend taking yours to a PC shop, and getting the cooler upgraded. Get the bolt-down kind, not the push-pin kind. Maybe a knowledgeable friend can help you here.
      Please make sure your PC is also dust free. A good can of compressed air can help this but best to do this outside or in the garage.
      Disabling car collisions also can help reduce cpu usage to keep it from overheating. If you're on a laptop a cooling pad can help a LOT.
      --Good luck and glad you enjoyed the map.
  8. ThatRandomGuy!!
    Version: 0.8
    Great map completely bug free for me this runs in 60 fps for me on intel i3 and gtx1060
  9. CanRocker5
    Version: 0.8
    This map is amazing if you just want to drive around and have some fun. It runs flawlessly on my system and i have a i3 6100 and a GTX 1050. its also great for police chases since you have so much road to run on.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Glad it's running well on your system. There's been a performance issue with the water on the map (which I reduced slightly in detail, though the water 'looks' better / more realistic this time around, I did make the reflection less taxing to the GPU), a performance issue I've only been able to attribute to the game engine itself. Welcome to pre-release software + ever-in-beta maps :) Thanks for posting system specs, performance info/feedback, and taking the time to write in. This is a map for 'just cruising' or when boredom inevitably DOES occur, there's *PLENTY* of jumps to go around for hours on. Most all can be conquered with a livable car, and some cars can do the same one multiple times :) The results can be downright hilarious at times...
      If you have any trouble landing it, remember that while airborne, revving the engine can help keep the nose up, brakes make the nose dive more, but some cars cannot be helped at all by this, so do give it a try.
  10. Stickee76
    Version: 0.8
    Best scenario ever!
    also, can you add cars's doors for more realism ?