Skoda Citigo MK2 2021 1.0

Now, on this 3rd time, the Simply Clever small car gets a new revamp!

  1. MEM756
    Disclaimer: This isn't a replica, a new generation 2021 instead.
    Also disclaimer: The "Skoda Citigo", and "Montecarlo" Nameplate isn't owned by me, instead, by Skoda instead. For the original Skoda Citigo, go here:

    Hi there!

    This time, the second twin of the VW Up, is the Czech small simply clevermobile, the Skoda Citigo.

    The design now looks more inline into the new Skoda design language, fresh and young, but nostalgic of the original one!

    You can see my inspiration on the brand here; front (above), rear (below)
    The underside of the vehicle can be seen here:
    Now, in Automation:
    Front (Above), Rear (Below)
    Or on a white background:
    Front (Above), Rear (Below)
    Now, I have an special version for you:

    You might have heard of the Montecarlo models from Skoda, right? Well, it's the sport division.

    So, I decided to make it based in the 1st Gen model, with the square patterns, and here is this:

    My custom Montecarlo version, the Skoda Citigo Montecarlo 2021!
    Front (above), Rear (Below)

    So, the other twins ...

    To see the VW Up mod, go here:
    Next, to see the SEAT Mii mod, go here:

    Ok, this is all for today. Feel free to test this and all my other cars, and tell me which other cars you would like me to modernize. Now, that the main 3 lure is complete, I give you a gallery down here of the Small 3 as a Trio, enjoy. Bye, and see you next time!

    Photo179.png Photo180.png Photo181.png Photo182.png Photo183.png Photo184.png Photo185.png Photo186.png Photo187.png Photo188.png Photo189.png Photo190.png Photo191.png Photo192.png Photo193.png Photo194.png Photo195.png Photo196.png
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