Beta Simply Sideways Motorpark 1.0

Our 1st proper racing/Drifting track

  1. Mr.Weede
    Welcome to Simply Sideways: Motor Park.

    A place for all drivers of all divisions, both Racing and Drifting!!

    this place is fully equipped to handle 20 cars in pits/at the start line. and as many as u need at our Formula drift inspired startline aswell.

    unknown3.png unknown4.png

    This place also has multiple layouts for different drift/racing courses! from a GP styled circuit, to a touge inspired tandem track, and even a full FD layout to practice your drifts!!

    OH! did i mention its lit up for night time slides?? ;)


    1. unknown2.png
    2. unknown5.png
    3. unknown6.png
    4. unknown7.png
    5. unknown8.png

Recent Reviews

  1. someguy5738
    Version: 1.0
    Very good! The layout of the GP track is really fun to race on and the drift track is perfect, I like how you based a part of it off touges! I have 2 suggestions though:
    - make the GP circuit faster; I'm only pulling about 40 mph through these corners. Maybe something like 60 will do. I get the feeling that you tested it with a D-Series, which is okay, but be aware that the race cars go much faster than the v8 pickup. Maybe next time you renovate the track, test it with actual race cars like the old Pessima track version, or the 200BX. You could also make the GP track a bit wider, but it's okay as a narrow, tight track as well. You don't have to change the drift course; it's perfect for drifting and the tightness of it makes a good challenge (if the drift track doesn't link up with the GP circuit anymore, you could try extending it)
    - shrink the map size down, as having 1.273 square miles just for a rather small track is kinda pointless, tbh.
    Other than that, really good work!
    1. Mr.Weede
      Author's Response
      tbh.. i hadnt really tested the GP circuit at all... i know i sould have but it was almost like an after though of making this place. i will be sure to keep things like this in mind for future tracks though!! <3
  2. demolitionderbyA1
    Version: 1.0
    well made
    1. Mr.Weede
      Author's Response
      than kyou thank you. im still leanring so always tring to get better <3
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