Alpha Shipping Container 40' 1.1

Shipping Container 40' with selectable parts, trailer slot and huge loads

  1. Shipping Container 40' with trailer, huge loads, more skins and more fun!

    Changelog V1.1:

    -Reworked structure for more realism.

    -Added trailer slot.

    -Can be tow with other dolly!

    screenshot_00467.png screenshot_00466.png screenshot_00463.png

    -Added content label slot.

    screenshot_00490.png screenshot_00493.png

    -Added 5 huge loading.

    screenshot_00478.png screenshot_00476.png screenshot_00458.png
    screenshot_00488.png screenshot_00491.png

    -Added new skin jobs.

    screenshot_00396.png screenshot_00397.png screenshot_00477.png screenshot_00487.png screenshot_00494.png
    screenshot_00441.png screenshot_00501.png

    -Fixed windows textures.

    screenshot_00391.png screenshot_00392.png
    screenshot_00400.png screenshot_00403.png

    -Fixed triangle collision, so can now load vehicles.

    To make your own skin, unpack the mod and modify YOURSKINJOB files.

    Installation: Just drop the .zip into Documents/ -folder

    Please clear the cache before complaining about problems with the mod. If the problem persists, you're welcome to report it in discussion tab.

    This mod is the result of my hard work, so please ask for permission, if you want to use any parts for your own mods.

    Have fun driving and crashing the Shipping Container 40' as much as I had fun making it! ;-)

    screenshot_00497.png screenshot_00499.png


    screenshot_00454.png screenshot_00452.png
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