Salameh Hypercar Line V1

Hypercars ranging from $800k to $3 million

  1. AbyssWalker240
    The Salameh Company has a natural ability to make cars that are fast. They have sold hundreds of the Hura (Link below) which is a budget supercar, but what if they get their hands on A LOT of money. The hypercar line is what happens.

    First came the Salameh 1, then the Salameh FE, then the Salameh CE, then the Salameh Duemila, then the most advanced, the Salameh Diciannove inVenti.

    Most cars 0-62 in under 3 seconds, and top out above 210.

    The Diciannove inVenti \/ \/ \/


    My other mods:

    Salameh Hura budget supercar.
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