Alpha RV Upfit for Gavril H-Series 0.1.4

For all your recreational needs!

  1. The Resurrection

    All credit for this update goes to DaddelZeit.
    Please be sure to show them some love for their work resurrecting this mod once again!

    This update addresses the following issues:
    • Vehicle instability when spawning
    • Camper upfit no longer being connected to the front cab
    • Missing wheel textures

    screenshot_2021-01-01_15-57-34.png screenshot_2021-01-01_16-05-38.png

    campervan2_2.png campervan2_1.png campervan2_3.png

    Time for some much needed bug fixes!

    This update addresses the following issues:
    • Broken textures
    • Missing Jbeams
    • Jbeam errors/conflicts (super big thanks to synsol)
    • Always pulling to the left
    Was intended to be bundled within the next major release, but the next release is taking way too long. More features to come...
  3. Just some quick fixes

    This update makes the following changes:
    - New config (slightly more realistic)
    - Fixes the missing texture bug
    - Something else that I can't remember
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