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Russian Roads NP .20!8

Nine kilometers of terrible roads, under the beautiful Russian nature

  1. The roads becomes even worse!

    Finally a new version of the map! I was very happy to see your videos about my map!

    What's new?
    1) Spawn began to work better, but anyway you will spawn not where it should be. This is a very strange glitch that I couldn't overcome
    2) Added river. You can discover and try to cross over logs
    3) Added an off-road track
    4) Improved graphics
    5) New models (road signs, crash barriers...)
    6) Degraded roads! Improved relief road, added uniqueness
    7) Changed grass (transparancy fix and density)
    8) Lower FPS
    9) Removed old bugs
    10) Added jumps
    11) Added new places for explore
    12) Added environment sounds
    And lot's of more! In this update, I spent 18 hours working

    New road textures ready, but I don't understand how the materials works and this causes various bugs.

    In the next update to appear unique city with a Russian-made models of houses. But I need a vacation now.

    BeamNG2017-04-0713-37-47-37.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-39-39-18.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-40-32-27.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-41-01-00.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-41-17-94.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-41-42-62.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-42-00-17.jpg BeamNG2017-04-0713-43-52-21.jpg
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