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Russian Roads NP .20!8

Nine kilometers of terrible roads, under the beautiful Russian nature

  1. General Sergal
    General Sergal
    Version: 0.24
    good map, but roads is not fine for fast travel:D
    60-90 fps+ (and 60-80% gpu load - weird game optimization)
    cpu - i5 4690
    gpu - gtx 1070
    rem - 16g ddr3
  2. LeoN* | #RTS1
    LeoN* | #RTS1
    Version: 0.24
    Ох,это шедеврально.Давно ждал такую карту.Большой респект тебе!Удачи.
  3. Quattrovalvole
    Version: 0.24
    Quite a fun map. Tried this with a Burnside, it survived those treacherous slopes and speed bumps the size of drainage pipes.
  4. pinki
    Version: 0.24
    У нас в России красиво :3
  5. KKG Clan
    KKG Clan
    Version: 0.24
    This is a great map, it is something that all of us have been waiting for (something with bumpy roads). It is WIP I know that, the map is indeed very bright and it hurts the eye if played for long periods but can be temporarily be fixed by reducing the gamma to 0.75, it gives a better look.
    After an hour and a half of playing the game with this map on a Miramar on a normal settings and disabled shadows here are FPS Statistics
    FPS: 35-60 (No stutters, AVG: 45 FPS, FPS stayed in given range)
    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 @3.9 GHz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT640 4GB @797 MHz (bottlenecks CPU a lot)
    RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @1600 MHz
    Playing this map was a very nice experience because it gave a simulation of how my country roads are too (they are very bumpy). I love this map and Don't give up on improving and increasing the size of this map. Have a nice day ahead !
  6. shade 2
    shade 2
    Version: 0.24
  7. barsukoff_barsuk
    Version: 0.24
    Дороги конешн раз***ны как надо :)
    Жду обновлений !
    1. Archibalto
      Author's Response
      Мне нужно отдохнуть несколько дней, а затем с новыми силами продолжить карту. Карту делал чисто на вдохновении, закрывал глаза, видел пейзаж и старался его воссоздать.
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