Russian Roads NP .20!8

Nine kilometers of terrible roads, under the beautiful Russian nature

  1. Archibalto

    Hi. I play BeamNG a very long time and I always wanted big maps with terrible roads, with interesting places and interesting things (to play RP situation). So I decided to make a map!

    This map contains:
    - A large road, with different road surface;
    - One city, quarry, several companies, farms;
    - Elaborate nature, with different situations;
    - Off-road;
    - Rally track;
    - a lot of holes and broken roads!


    In the next major update:
    I can't design more the map in BeamNG editor, it's very complex and a lot of glitches and bugs.

    Known bugs:
    1) Spawns didn't work properly. I cannot fix this bug.
    2) Some floating trees and bushes.

    3) Underground trees. I still haven't removed all the vegetation since the bug.

    This map requires a powerful computer for Ultra settings. If you have low fps, lower the density of vegetation.

    My specs give me 50-60 FPS:
    AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (4.0 gHz).
    Memory: 8 gB DDR4 3333 mHz.
    Video: AMD RX470 4 gB.

    To create this map, I spent about 60 hours. I would be glad if you will support me and at least subscribe to my channel -

    If you reupload my map, please leave a link to my channel on YouTube -

    Outdated photage.
    View attachment 249955
    BeamNG2017-03-2215-09-27-28.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-11-16-77.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-12-00-40.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-12-45-17.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-15-05-14.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-16-55-13.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-17-40-06.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-18-36-90.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-22-06-17.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-23-42-92.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-31-07-46.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-39-10-23.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-51-08-20.jpg BeamNG2017-03-2215-58-51-13.jpg ProjectCARS.jpg


    1. Image1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. goldbird09
    Version: .20!8
    Its fun, but I think it would be awesome if you made it like spintires and added tons of muddy roads and muddy paths
  2. epicduck535
    Version: .20!8
    Great fun map to test
  3. ThunderZ
    Version: .20!8
    Very nice map! But it lacks bears XD (joking)
  4. Gamerx24/7
    Version: .20!8
    хороша мапа
  5. RetroKing
    Version: .20!8
    Update is great! Keep on the good work!
  6. thatoneguyjoseph
    Version: .20!8
    This is a very good mod however, as a Russian I can tell you that the roads in and around the town are a bit misrepresented the these roads are in better condition than in the map also the holes need to be less deep and that large hole needs to be smaller. overall a very good map
    1. Archibalto
      Author's Response
      Каждый по своему видит свою страну.
  7. Juan The Turtle
    Juan The Turtle
    Version: .20!8
  8. valdepro
    Version: .20!8
    Veri nice privjet run good on my 1965 computer
  9. Herszciak88PL
    Version: .20!8
  10. cambell 1988
    cambell 1988
    Version: .20!8
    nice big map for all my testing needs and still works on my potato of a computer
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