Beta Running Late (Gull) 1.0

Pick a vehicle, and get to town before time runs out! Also, there's traffic...

  1. Version 1.0?

    I've decided to change the version number to 1.0. This scenario is functionally complete, and I don't feel like hunting for sources of lag now. It feels like this scenario runs a bit smoother after the recent game updates, but maybe that's just me.
    • Fixed "out of time = success" bug
    • Put in a new preview image
    • Made the police slightly smarter. They're still kinda dumb, but hey, I'm not an AI wizard! I only use the standard AI functions in my code, plus a bit of easy...
  2. Version 0.9.1

    Minor update here! Details:
    • Increased damage tolerance, especially for heavy stock vehicles
    • Added two more finish texts; how fast or insane are you?
    • Slightly moved some checkpoints
    • Made the Lua code less messy
    • Lag! Still looking into it.
    • Rarely, vehicles will teleport away while in view
    That's all for now. So... have you tried the T-Series Ram Plow yet?
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