Beta Roundabout Drift Map 0.88

East Coast USA with Roundabouts and Drift tracks

  1. DamaggeLuX
    I'm playing BeamNG since the first public release. But one thing is missing ever since: Roundabouts... (Or at least I do not know any map that has decent ones ;) )
    I'm quite a fan of Drifting and Roundabouts are an easy and safe way to practice car control in real life. Defined circles would help me to practice countersteer virtually with my Logitech G25 (to get the reflexes going ;) )

    There are also 2 Drift courses (a small one and a big one) with garages and ramps to inspect the cars.

    This file is more than 2 years old. I lost it back in the day when I cleared the cache but found it today and decided to Upload it. So there are a lot of textures missing. But I guess some people will enjoy it for what it is!


    1. screenshot_00001.png
    2. screenshot_00003.png
    3. screenshot_00005.png
    4. screenshot_00006.png
    5. screenshot_00007.png
    6. screenshot_00008.png
    7. screenshot_00009.png
    8. screenshot_00010.png
    9. screenshot_00011.png
    10. screenshot_00012.png
    11. screenshot_00013.png
    12. screenshot_00014.png
    13. screenshot_00018.png
    14. screenshot_2018-12-04_08-56-24.png
    15. screenshot_2018-12-04_08-56-42.png
    16. screenshot_2018-12-04_09-15-55.png
    17. screenshot_2018-12-04_09-16-21.png
    18. 2a.jpg
    19. EastroundB1.png
    20. Unbenannt1.jpg
    21. Unbenannt2.jpg
    22. Unbenannt3.jpg
    23. Unbenannt4.jpg
    24. Unbenannt5.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Now with working terrain!

Recent Reviews

  1. tsunamidrew
    Version: 0.88
    A ton of missing textures
  2. pheonixblaster108
    Version: 0.88
    Even after the update, the map has a blank logo and called "level". It does not load either.
    1. DamaggeLuX
      Author's Response
      That's strange! I'm not having this issue on any other pc :-/ Maybe you can search your pc for "eastround" and delete those files, then reload the mod? I will look into this further :)
    Version: 0.85
    After the fix and all that. This is almost perfect.
    1. DamaggeLuX
      Author's Response
      I'm working on more Roundabouts so stay tuned :)
  4. DimaStrelnikov 2
    DimaStrelnikov 2
    Version: 0.85
    Good map for drifting)
  5. LeSpecialist01
    Version: 0.85
    dude the only place where you can ride on is in the village other then that like 50% of the texture is missing all over the map (grass/road)
    you should have done some proper test befor uploading it here.

    as soon as you update and fix all the missing texture then I will change my rating and my review to the most positive way :)
  6. Sniperwise
    Version: 0.85
    Even though the map as you said is two years old it still holds up to today's standards. Yes there are a few missing textures but overall a.o.k. in my books. I plan to keep checking up on this map if you decide to update it in the future.
  7. 1UZ-FE
    Version: 0.85
    No terrain brother
  8. Kueso
    Version: 0.85
    great idea, no terrain.
    Look at davidinarks video with Highdef on how to get it to work properly, unless i am mistaken?
    1. DamaggeLuX
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'm looking into that video and try to get a fix up as soon as possible!
  9. Slimeboy2015
    Version: 0.85
    the terrain does not spawn in, the roadside lamp posts and the curbs have no texture and i can't find any roundabouts. (that last one is me but still. more roundabouts pls).
    1. DamaggeLuX
      Author's Response
      I'll try to fix the terrain problem and in the future more roundabouts will come :) Because yes, currently there are only 2 ^^
  10. Mr.Bot
    Version: 0.85
    Same problem Pheonix is having, the terrain isn't spawning in besides the town streets. Is there any way to fix this>?
    1. DamaggeLuX
      Author's Response
      I'm on it! :) Gonna look into that Problem this weekend!
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