RogueSoldier152's Huge Car Pack PART 2 1.3

From Supercars to SUV's-Always being updated THIS IS PART 2

  1. RogueSoldier152
    Hi Guys! This is Part 2 of my original RogueSoldier152's Huge Car Pack. This update was supposed to be 1.3, but the file is too large. So, I decided it would be easier for you guys if I simply posted another resource. The first cars are the Garn Rambler, a full-size three row SUV, the Garn T8, a very quick RWD V8 supercar, the Bullet Industries ZCS, a fully custom-built Premares ZCS, turned into a time attack style car, and the Doma Lipic, a 90s FWD hatchback.
    Please download Part One here:


    1. screenshot_2020-04-27_20-38-51.png
    2. screenshot_2020-04-27_20-37-37.png
    3. screenshot_2020-04-27_20-36-01.png
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