Beta RogueSoldier152's Huge Car Pack PART 1 1.3

From Supercars to SUV's-Always being updated

  1. Version 1.25-SMALL UPDATE-Improved Carravelo Diviea

    Hi Guys! This is a smaller update than normal, since the 1.3 update will be very big (4 models w/ trims). I only improved the Carravelo Diviea in this update. I realized that at over 400MPH, the car would run out of fuel very quickly, and you were not able to reach top speed. I fixed this by giving the car better fuel economy. Now the car can reach its top speed of 440MPH. Enjoy!!!!
  2. Version 1.2- Added Domichi Riad(+trims) and Carravelo Diviea

    Hi guys! With this update, I added two models, the Domichi Riad (2 trims), which is a compact offroad and sporty SUV. It includes two trims, the Sport (offroad/basic trim) and the RST Turbo (High performance track trim). I also added the Carravelo Diviea, a 6,000 BHP Hypercar. It has a top speed of over 400MPH. It is still very experimental.
  3. Version 1.1- Added Carravelo Ruffia F8

    Hi guys! For 1.1, I added a new car- the Carravelo Ruffia. I also changed the grip levels on the rear tires of the Stodten Adini, because it had a problem where it became very unstable. Thank you guys!!
  4. Automation Car Pack- ALL MY CARS FIX

    I messed up on the initial post XD. I didn't compress the folder, so it would only put one car into the game. This update should fix that (hence why its 1.05) Sorry Guys!!
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