Roger Doger 1.CA23EP

Something something Hotwheels musclecar with unique style

  1. G-Farce
    Been re-exported and overhauled for the new PBR materials update! fun project of mine. Wanted to have a go at one of my Favourite Hotwheels cars in Highway 35, the Rodger Dodger, but with my own spin on it and a twist! So I gave it yet another go in Automation, after many many hours over months this is the one I like most!
    Has been jbeam tweaked heavily on the tires too, so handles very differently from most automation cars, with a spunkiness to it. Kind of like a "What if a hotwheels drag car was detuned for street legal?" Well some of that translates fairly well to beam too! The front end understeer has been compensated for with the addition of some hotwheels-tier rubber on the front end! Engine power this time around is detuned to under 500hp and the torque is in the lower rev range, which makes a great cruiser! Does FANTASTIC burnouts! Geared to a theoretical top speed of 180+mph and looks sensational. This car is Hilarious to stunt drive!

    Ignore the power specs in the screenshots, they've been changed.
    upload_2021-7-3_13-47-19.png upload_2021-7-3_13-47-48.png
    upload_2021-7-3_13-49-57.png upload_2021-7-3_13-49-33.png upload_2021-7-3_13-47-31.png

    Some pics of Hotwheels' Rodger Dodger:


    1. rd35hypedownload2.jpg
    2. rd35ytmqdefault.jpg
    3. 33-Scorchers-RodgerDodger.png
    4. rd35download2.jpg
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