Rocky Mountain Drift Club (RMDC) 3.0

lol, my local drift club skidpad

  1. MAJOR texture overhaul!!!!

    - fixed the back wall (to close pits off from airfield) collision
    -re-done almost EVERY TEXTURE (i think i left the powe lines, trees and main ground lalone and thats it)

    unknown4.png unknown3.png unknown2.png unknown.png
  2. Updates GALORE lul

    -More skids
    -New barriers on track
    -Hay Bales have soft collision
    -Jump Fixed
    -tyre drop added
    -dirt physics added to ground
    -older asphalt physics to pits and spectator area
    -hay bale wall (driver/spectator divider added
    -maybe more, i dont remember XD

    unknown3.png unknown2.png unknown1.png unknown.png

    OH also i added the tree i crashed my 1st car in here bahahahha i really wasnt that far away from the track...
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