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Roane County, Tennessee, USA 19.3.1

HUGE 175sq/mi, 193+ miles of roadway, US40 highway, 3 Towns, Signs, Working Traffic Lights, Trees

  1. Roane County TN for BeamNG 0.19.x

    This is a dummy file. I have uploaded the real file to mega and sent a message to the support staff. Please do not approve this without pesting Synsol or Meywue about it.

    I fixed a bunch of AI issues in Kingston in Roane County map here, they shouldn't be so confused in-front of 'Worst Buy', or at the intersection near Oldwell Wanker, or in-front of the school/water-front park.
    I also enabled various AI routes near the edge of the map again, as we're no longer as restricted with the max AI node amount anymore in this 0.19.x game version.
    I enabled road subdivisions on rural routes with very few nodes that didn't have dedicated AI paths separate from the road texture itself. This will help keep AI on track a little better. I made sure subdivisions were *NOT* used on bridges, over jumps, or other raised road sections, due to it breaking raised (not flush with terrain) AI paths if you use subdivisions on them.
    I also fixed some grass growing through two bridges, in two spots near Kingston. One was on the highway overpass at the power plant access, other was going over the river on the side route.
    I deleted all the mesh road carving guides (those 'ribbons' under the map). I think I got them all, but there might be one or two somewhere I missed. I got most of them though. Should help FPS a bit, but it's still about 20% slower than I would like to see it. I will do something about this in the future - it's a draw call issue - which means it's cpu bound, even on this 3700x and still with a 9900k.
    I lowered the file download size / space on disk by 100mb by removing some redundant things & proof textures (ones I use in the design stage).
    I changed the cover art to match the SNES box style of my other year-2020 map revisions (and changed the version number in text format) to show that it now works with BeamNG 19.x.

    Still some errata:
    Poor performance - big map - is cpu limited
    DO NOT ENTER sign texture does not work, is plain grey - Not worth messing with as I'll be redoing the signs altogether in the future
    Misc goofy AI bugs with weaving or not dealing with intersections properly - it's an old map and the AI support is somewhat grand-fathered in.
    Various old-format texture normals - possibly slowing down the map rendering a bit.
    AI will take jumps and crash badly or get stuck in Harriman downtown area - this is not a bug & this is intentional as I made it that way deliberately. Use the jumps for car crashes and police chases.
    The water might float vehicles with large tires - water default settings have changed a few times over the last several game versions, I haven't touched it since at-least when BeamNG 0.15.x was out.
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