Roadblock Run (Remake!) 1.2

Old idea, new scenario! Play as the suspect or police!

  1. Gamergull

    Play as the suspect or police in this thrilling scenario!
    Made in the Flowgraph Editor, this is the advanced remake of my old Roadblock Run scenario. It took me too many hours to make this. Anyways, enjoy making or breaking police roadblocks. The overall difficulty is hard, but sometimes you can win easily due to luck.


    When you select Setup, you can customize the scenario, as shown above. Please let me know if you don't see this screen.

    • Suspect
      • Flee from the police and get to the safe house! Break through roadblocks, and avoid getting stuck!
      • Special action: Slowdown. Honk your horn (H) to temporarily slow down time and gain a boost from wind. Use this before hitting a roadblock!
      • Avoid ramming through roadblocks at full speed! You might wreck yourself. Slow down a bit!
      • Easy: 5 actions; weak arrest threshold; less roadblocks
      • Medium: 3 actions; normal arrest threshold; an average number of roadblocks
      • Hard: 2 actions; strong arrest threshold; lots of roadblocks
    • Police
      • Chase the suspect and immobilize him! Call for roadblocks to help you out. Prevent him from reaching the safe house!
      • Special action: Roadblock. Honk your horn (H) to call for a roadblock ahead of the suspect!
      • Watch out for your fellow police vehicles, and don’t fall too far behind! You need to personally arrest the suspect to win!
      • Easy: 5 actions; strong arrest threshold; suspect hits roadblocks recklessly
      • Medium: 3 actions; normal arrest threshold; suspect hits roadblocks normally
      • Hard: 2 actions; weak arrest threshold; suspect hits roadblocks carefully
    • Select Setup, and use the popup window to change the role, difficulty level, and route. It will get saved whenever you reset.
    • While in Setup mode, you can press Tab to switch to other vehicles & change them! Yes, even the prop! Be creative.
    • Press your Horn key to skip the instructions message. I might improve this later…
    • Press your Reset key if you get stuck and want to restart the scenario.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2
  2. Version 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. bussin.buses
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome! I wish this was a feature in vanilla BeamNG’s freeroam.
  2. fylhtq7779
    Version: 1.1
  3. locualo
    Version: 1.0
  4. Caden Mai
    Caden Mai
    Version: 1.0
    Good scenario man! I love that you are still working on more scenarios. Just one question, how do you access the setup menu?
    1. Gamergull
      Author's Response
      Thanks! You should be able to click on "Setup" on the top menu that shows up after the intro (it replaces the "Cancel" button).
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