Road Atlanta (depreciated) 2.0

Brought from rFactor into BeamNG.

  1. New Quick Race layouts, and much more.

    Here are 5 new layouts which are all fairly realistic for this venue. I did a ton of work to bring you this update, including; adding in all the missing signage; completing the drift section, club track and the never before seen Skip Barber skills track in the back section infield area.

    Ive also reworked most of the terrain and added ground cover 3D rumble strips at the chicanes and built out the underpass near before the chicanes, so you can drive through it while exploring. Have fun!
  2. First week update

    Fixed the loading issue. Added some new stuff to the pit area.

    Thanks for all the great feedback, you guys rock!
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  3. Bug fixes and cleanup

    I fixed the terrain properties which were all messed up. Mostly had to reassign terrains and rename a few. Also cleaned up under the road where there was some dirt making the road dusty, with the new terrain materials fixed.

    Fixed a few props which looked bad and misplaced. Fixed a few holes in the concrete barriers. By request, I removed the barriers from the short and club course, so you can tool around on some alternate layouts; they may not be super smooth, mind you.
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