Alpha RM - Tracksport 0.1

A classic car that might surprise you...

  1. TrueGeneral99
    The first thing you will notice as you walk up to the 'RM - Tracksport' is the flared wheel arches, as you get closer you see the wide wheels on the front and rear... you begin to realise this is no ordinary classic car... this is something else... I recommend you take a drive and find out!
    over 400bhp, AWD, Balanced, under 900kg, this is a seriously fast car that is surprisingly easy to control at speed due to its sophisticated suspension and electronic aids

    • *Issue* Wheels may come through the body (suspension overhaul required)
    • *Planned* Add an interior and extra details
    • *Planned* Overhaul the body and improve the deformation

    Using this as a base for my first mod, if anyone has any helpful advice regarding the planned features... please feel free to message me.
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