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Beta Ridiculous Replicas 1.4

From Ascari’s and Audi’s to Tesla’s! The automotive A to T :)

  1. Additional tweakage

    Possibly the last update for a bit as xmas hols are nearly over :(

    FSO Polonez:
    As requested, a polish car with rubbish handling and no power! does 0-62mph in 16 seconds if your lucky.


    Maserati Grancabrio MC
    Italian power and poise even if its been around for a while:


    Mercedes S63 AMG has updated DRL's and lighting system with more accurate brake lights.

    screenshot_2018-12-28_22-14-29.png screenshot_2018-12-28_22-15-00.png
  2. Requested tweakage

    By Request, two new cars have been added:

    The Audi A7 Sportback 55 TFSI
    Tailgaters rejoice!

    screenshot_2018-12-28_16-11-27.png screenshot_2018-12-28_16-12-36.png screenshot_2018-12-28_16-15-50.png screenshot_2018-12-28_16-16-32.png

    Thanks to @Inn0centJok3r for describing how to modify the lights to work.

    Has a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 with 335hp and 350lb-ft.
    Comes as standard in Audi Grey.

    Audi Matrix LED (I upped the range and brightness settings for the low and high beam):

    No beam: screenshot_2018-12-28_16-19-35.png ...
  3. A tweakage

    Drifts like an AMG,
    Goes like an AMG,
    Must be an AMG...


    The Mercedes S-Class has arrived in BeamNG.Drive and Automation, Sideways and loud. Inside however business men/women/whatever-they-may-be sip champers, getting they're backs massaged.


    Lesser Known Luxurious Heritage
    BMW 850CSI


    The perhaps not so famous BMW 850CSI has also driven in to BeamNG.Drive / Automation. with seeminly mountainous amounts of torque...
  4. Electric invasion and minor tweakage

    This update adds 4 new cars including:
    The Ascari KZ1
    (Yes I know that @Inn0centJok3r has made one, no they aren't exactly the same)

    With a 500hp BMW S62 NA V8 powering it, this rare British supercar will hit 200mph on the dot and make a hell of a noise getting there!


    Jaguar I-Pace

    Now here's one I made...
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