RG TrophyT 1.000

An extreme offroad vehicle.

  1. Revival update

    By popular demand its finally getting updated to make it work again. Here are the changes below.
    -Made the gearing adjustable.
    -The default is now 4wd because the Rwd is too unstable to be default in my opinion.
    -Added lcd gearing in the interior to tell what gear you are in.

    Honestly I forgot what else I changed. (thanks to my short term memory) Sorry. :/
    Anyway hope you all enjoy this mod once again. ;)
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  2. Update 1.2

    This update should help keep this vehicle from rolling often. (* = helped by Darren9)

    Update includes:

    -Slightly smaller tires
    -All the weight is droped to the lower chassis *
    -Suspension tweaked *
    -Wheels slightly less grippy then it was originally *
    -Added the esc to make this vehicle more keyboard friendly (which is called easy mode)

    Thats is it with this update as far as i remember.
    Any more issues? Post them up in the discussions.
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