Outdated RexRegum93's Better Parts Pack 1.30.2019

High-power engines, diesel engines, rotary engines, transmissions, radiators, ESC and more

  1. Fixes and new configs

    Added the drag config for the sunburst. I have also changed the 2.5 I4 to a 2.5 F4 thats based on the SBR engine.

    Updated the drag configs for the barstow, moonhawk and 200bx.

    Replaced the 707 drag burnside with a 429 gasser.
  2. New engines and junk

    I added a few new engines, transmissions and configurations.


    1600 cc racing engine, custom turbo, stage 3 internals, 3 speed drag racing transmission and a racing oil cooler.

    ETK coupe and 800 series:

    A new 6.3 liter W12 twin turbo for the Autobahn editions instead of the 4.0 liter V8.

    ETK i series:

    1.4 liter I4 that slots under the base I6. Also 2 new diesel engines, a 1.8 liter I4 and a 3.0 I6. I also added a new 4-speed transmission for the I4 and a 3.08 rear end....
  3. Miramar Fix

    Fixed the issue with the Miramar drag rear axle.
  4. More parts

    Added drag configs for the Pessima, Legran, D-series, ETK i-series, Miramar, Covet, and even the T-series.

    Added offroad configs for the Barstow, Moonhawk and Covet.

    Added a 7.1 liter diesel for the D-series, Barstow, and Moonhawk.

    I also edited some of the sound configs for the custom engines. So now the ETK 4.0 V8 sounds like a real V8.
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