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Beta Revisited 2013 (Maps) 1.4.6

BeamNG maps from 2013

  1. 1.4.6 - The Menu Update

    This update adds the Menu Map, known from the early game menu!
    It also fixes the textures missing bug from the 2013 GridMap!
  2. 1.4 - The Dry Rock Update

    Ey, how about this old mod right? It only took me 3 years, but here is a new update which includes the recently deprecated map:

    Dry Rock Island

    Files exactly as from they were from 2013, enjoy!
  3. 1.3

    Fixed several JSON file lines that referenced game paths that didnt exist or was typed wrong.
    Thanks to the moderator team for being so friendly with 2016 me and doing this update for me!
  4. 1.2

    Removed 2 maps for compatability reasons (at the time)
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