Relara Sunset Cabriolet 2021 (MAIC MicroEsportiv based, Hunter Atkins original Relara Sunset Cabrio) 1.0

Relara Sunset Cabriolet from Hunter Atkins remake, courtesy of the DMG-MAIC Joint Venture.

  1. MEM756
    Disclaimer: I do not own the name: "Relara Sunset Cabrio", or the branding of it or logos, instead Hunter Atkins does. For the original car, go here: . This is just a modern interpretation due to the DMG-MAIC Joint Venture. Mine is based of my MAIC MicroEsportiv.

    Hi there! Today, I have something different dor you! You might have heard already of the DMG-MAIC Joint Venture, and the VEMIO BHA? Well, I have something similar for you! Based on an assigment by Hunter Atkins that made me a while ago, I made this 1998 Relara Sunset Cabrio into a modern version: First, go here for the 1998 Relara Sunset cabrio. After comparing it, let's see the new one:

    This is the new model I made, as you can see, it has similar design with modern standarts, but is loyal to the original.

    At the rear view you can see the same things going on, similar to the original.

    Now, at a lighter environment, at the front (up) and rear (down):

    Here you can see the platform, engine and suspension.

    Now, you can see the car being tested on BeamNG Drive, front (up) and rear (down):

    A look from down below at the platform:

    Feel free to test it, tell me down below what you think, and say, if you prefer the original 1998 Sunset Cabrio from Hunter Atkins, or my 2021 version of it, or the MAIC MicroEsportiv, what it's based of. Thanks for watching, and see you the next time!

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Drives and looks awesome!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
  2. Hunter Atkins
    Hunter Atkins
    Version: 1.0
    love it! great design and the colors are perfect!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Excellent! Collab is on! I will upload something else out of maic-dmg right now, but you will also like it!
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