Regelion Deiron Vertage Concept 1.0

A Very Modern 2 Door Coupe, Inspired By The Deo Volente

  1. RogueSoldier152
    The Regelion Deiron Vertage Concept is a concept vehicle from Rascal's Vertage range of automobiles. The Deiron has a 4.8L V16. With Twin Turbos, the engine makes over 880 BHP. The car is also capable of over 40MPG, assisted by its 10 speed Dual Clutch transmission. The Deiron's elegant design expresses the amazing designers at Rascal. The car is expected to go into production by 2022.

    I am working on an improved Rascal Kamion, which I will release in a few days.


    1. default1.png
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