Beta Realistic EJ207 STI Swapped Piccolina (Parts + Config) 1.3.0

Pen and Juice Not Included

  1. More Turbos!

    More Turbos!

    Turbos added:

    1. Blouch Dominator BB 3.5XT-R Turbo w/ Tial 38mm EWG - A pretty big turbo for this little car, capable of pushing up to 650whp.

    2. Garrett GTX4508R SHO Turbo w/ Tial 44mm EWG - An absolute monster of a turbo, capable bringing this 1700lbs/771kg car up to 950whp! That's 1.23hp/kg, technically making this a mega car!

  2. First Update, Fairly Major!

    Changes for 1.2.0


    - New Baja Config!
    Baja (STI) - "Sometimes you gotta giv er' a full send bud"

    - Improved suspension for the Track Config

    Adjusted dampers and stiffened the sway bars, thing is glued to the ground now

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