Beta Realistic EJ Engine Pack (4 Engines, 12 Configs, 50+ Parts, Sounds) 1.4.5

Nothing like blown ringlands in the morning

  1. Minor Update - Oilpan, Radiators, and Motormounts

    Minor Update!

    Radiators, Oil Pans, and Motor Mounts


    Parts Added:


    Stock Impreza Radiator

    Stock WRX Radiator

    Stock STI Radiator

    Mishimoto X-Line Aluminum Radiator

    CSF Aluminum Racing Radiator

    Engine Mounts:

    Stock WRX Engine Mounts

    Stock WRX Engine Mounts

    Aftermarket Race Engine Mounts

    Oil Pans:

    Stock WRX/STI Oil Pan

    Aftermarket Race Oil Pan

    Additional Changes:

    Adjusted the configs to have the new parts, changed the low gear ratio on the 4WD Transfer Case from 2.2 to 2.8 - Slightly easier to rock crawl now


    1. screenshot_2021-07-02_23-28-58.png
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