Beta Realistic EJ Engine Pack (4 Engines, 12 Configs, 50+ Parts, Sounds) 1.4.5

Nothing like blown ringlands in the morning

  1. LionsTheBoss
    Realistic EJ Engine Pack




    Sneak peak of a future update that'll add custom models for various parts in the engine bay
    (Could use some help with texturing)

    I'm trying to save up for a wheel setup so I can improve my beam mods

    This Mod Adds:


    2.0L EJ207 B4 STI Engine - This is the cool Japanese STI engine the Americans never got - Famous for it's great reliability and power potential with simple bolt-ons

    2.5L EJ257 B4 STI Engine - If it weren't for California's strict emissions laws, this engine wouldn't exist - Suffers from ringland and head gasket failure at ~100,000mi - Makes good power though

    2.0L EJ205 B4 WRX Engine - This is the Japan only lower end version of the EJ207 engine - Makes similar power to the EJ207 with a simple bolt-on VF37 STI turbo

    2.5L EJ255 B4 WRX Engine - The detuned WRX version of the US EJ257 - Makes a lot of power with bolt-ons - Suffers the same high piston tolerance reliability issues with the EJ257

    Boxer Engine Model - Working on making it more realistic (Top mount intercooler, realistic hot/cold side turbo piping, realistic turbo location and more)


    JDM VF37 Twin-Scroll STI Turbo - Makes good high and low end power - Found on the JDM V8-V9 Impreza STIs - Good for up to 450whp

    USDM VF48 JB STI Turbo - Makes good low end power, starts to fall off in the high end - Good for around 400whp

    MHI TD04L-13T JB WRX Turbo - Makes good low end power, starts to fall off near 7500rpm - Found in both US and JDM WRXs - Good for around 300whp

    Cobb 20G BB Turbo w/ Tial 38mm EWG - Makes solid low end and high end power - Great choice for any EJ build - Good for around 450whp

    Blouch Dominator BB 3.5XT-R Turbo w/ Tial 38mm EWG - A pretty beast of a turbo, makes great low end and high end power - Will easily push 650whp in EJ engines

    Garrett GTX4508R SHO Turbo w/ Tial 44mm EWG - An absolute monster turbo, capable of pushing a STI engine to nearly 1000whp

    Engine Internals:

    Manley Forged Internals - Great for engines pushing 400+whp

    Lightweight Forged Internals - Great for builds pushing 650+whp

    Billet Racing Internals - Great for builds pushing 1000+whp


    Available STI Camshaft for WRX Motors - Increases top end power and reduces valve float at high rpms

    Aggressive Racing Cam - Increases top end power - Reduces valve float all the way up to 9200rpm

    Super Aggressive Racing Cam - EJ207 only - Allows for 9600rpm


    Cobb Accessport - Allows adjustments to be made with boost and other engine parameters


    Stock STI Flywheel - Gets the job done on
    launches, revs enough

    Stock WRX Flywheel - Thing is a little difficult to launch, heavier than STI Flywheel

    ACT StreetLite Flywheel - This thing is pretty light, revs pretty damn quick

    ACT ProLite - Super fast revving low momentum flywheel, need big power to get the wheels spinning from a stop


    USDM 6-Speed STI Manual Transmission (MY 01-07)

    USDM 6-Speed STI Manual Transmission (MY 08-20)

    USDM 5-Speed WRX Manual Transmission (MY 02-07)

    USDM 5-Speed WRX Manual Transmission (MY 08-14)

    USDM 6-Speed WRX Manual Transmission (MY 15-20)

    JDM Spec-C STI 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    JDM STI 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    JDM 5-Speed WRX Manual Transmission

    6-Speed STI Sequential Transmission

    6-Speed STI Dual-Clutch Transmission

    Race 6-Speed STI Dual-Clutch Transmission

    Transfer Cases:

    STI Transfer Case (MY 01-07)

    STI Transfer Case (MY 08-20)

    WRX Transfer Case (MY 01-07)

    RWD Transfer Case - This doesn't exist, please don't make a RWD Subaru please

    Final Drives:

    3.90:1 STI Rear Final Drive

    3.90:1 WRX Rear Final Drive (MY 02-05 & 08-14)

    3.70:1 WRX Rear Final Drive (MY 06-07)

    4.11:1 WRX Rear Final Drive (MY 15-20)

    JDM 4.44:1 WRX Rear Final Drive


    STI Limited Slip Rear Differential

    WRX Limited Slip Rear Differential

    WRX Open Front Differential


    Stock Impreza Radiator

    Stock WRX Radiator

    Stock STI Radiator

    Mishimoto X-Line Aluminum Radiator

    CSF Aluminum Racing Radiator

    Engine Mounts:

    Stock WRX Engine Mounts

    Stock WRX Engine Mounts

    Aftermarket Race Engine Mounts

    Oil Pans:

    Stock WRX/STI Oil Pan

    Aftermarket Race Oil Pan


    The "Nightmare" - Japan's most feared street car

    JDM 2.0RS Spec-C STI - A special edition of the JDM sti, sporting 400whp, race suspension, and sticky tires

    Tarmac Spec-C STI - A purpose built racing machine ready to dominate any tarmac stage
    Offroad STI - Good for yeeting across big canyon gaps
    The Zuckerberg Special - This thing is right off of Facebook Marketplace and ready to rip
    The STI - It's a head turner when you say you own one

    JDM Pro Rally - An absolute machine on rally stages, Colin McRae would approve
    JDM Amateur Rally - Solid basic rally build ran by many private rally teams

    JDM 2.0RS STI - A very quick Japanese sports car
    JDM 2.0RS WRX - A great bang for your buck sports car
    USDM 2.5RS STI - A great track ready sports car and grocery getter
    USDM 2.5RS WRX - A great value sports car that'll give your neighbors Carrera a run for its money

    Future Plans:

    Need help texturing the new engine models I made

    Add different turbo kit options - Rotated, stock location, ect

    Hood exit exhaust for big turbo cars

    Fine tune some of the turbo values

    Figure out how to make a equal length header in-game


    1. screenshot_2020-06-21_20-04-05.png
    2. screenshot_2020-06-21_19-55-49.png
    3. screenshot_2020-06-21_19-58-39.png
    4. screenshot_2020-06-21_20-08-36.png
    5. 90ColdSideDone.png

Recent Reviews

  1. zuterzi
    Version: 1.4.5
    veri neis soobaru
  2. Solo gaming
    Solo gaming
    Version: 1.4.5
    AMAZING MOD, my fav one is "ebay special"
  3. Grams79
    Version: 1.4.5
    Best Sunburst mod in the world, mic drop. Love the options. Great work LionsTheBoss!
  4. Turbo49>
    Version: 1.4.5
    N O I C E
  5. mtin m
    mtin m
    Version: 1.4.5
    the premade configs work great, but if you put the motor and transmission on the base car, you can only put half shafts on the front, not the rear, causing it to barely move under its own power
    1. LionsTheBoss
      Author's Response
      Hey man, make sure you have a transfer case and rear diff selected, I was unable to recreate your issue with a complete drivetrain
  6. zipticikti
    Version: 1.4.0
    great mod, especially sounds.
  7. JanHálek
    Version: 1.3.2
    very good mod !
    can we also get broken parts to make knocking beaters? :D
  8. nawa
    Version: 1.3.2
    One of my favourite mods for Sunburst.
  9. Sandman08
    Version: 1.3.2
    nice mod, but my 4 cylinder has jammed
  10. ryanturner328
    Version: 1.3.1
    0.21 broke it, but it is my favourite mod for the game by far.
    1. LionsTheBoss
      Author's Response
      The new update added half shafts to the Sunburst drivetrain which were missing from mine, so I just had to add the half shafts and it works now.

      I uploaded the update, and it should be approved tomorrow...

      Merry Christmas!
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