Alpha Raven R60 v70

Family hatchback / Rally Car / Electric Race Car / Off-Roader / etc..

  1. 0.23 Compatability Update

    Fixed Materials
    • Body
    • Glass (Including rear light covers)
    • Windows
    • Chrome
    Adjusted paint colours slightly to look less matte
  2. Updated to current BeamNG Tyre model

    Support update for the R60.
    • Now using the new tyre model
      • To keep the R60 up to date (and by request)
    • Updated Rebel Wheel Geometry
      • To reflect the new tyre model, since the old geometry didn't work well with the new tyres.
    V69... nice
  3. Now with 3D model... doh!

    Yeah, so when uploading these, I delete a bunch of the development files in order to reduce the file size. Turns out on the previous update I deleted the 3d model :/

    This should fix that :)

    Sorry for any inconvenience!
  4. Updated Tyre compounds (& more...)

    • New tyres: Tyre compound is now inline with current generation official content. This should lead to more realistic handling characteristics
    • Suspension geometry and alignment: Most models have received updates to improve handling.
      • Race: Less drifty, holds its line better
      • Sport & Normal: Improved turn in
      • Rebel: Stiffer rear suspension to reduce bottom out occourances
    While nothing hugely major has changed, this update has affected vehicle...
  5. BeamNG 0.16.0 compatability update


    The Raven R60 is now compatible with the BeamNG 0.16.0 update. With this new update comes some improvements:
    • Electric versions now make electric car sounds
    • Navigation system has been updated to the new mapping system, offering more detailed maps.
    General Fixes:
    • Thumbnails are now present for all versions of the R60
    • Rear centre brake light is correct colour again
  6. Some small stuff

    • EU plates are now standard (with US plates as an option)
    • Normal Tyres have a texture
    And some other small things
  7. Assorted Fixes, plus some additional configurations

    Found the reasons why the last two updates had caused issues. It was due to a versioning issue on my end. I have now (hopefully) resolved that.

    • This update should bring back the new enhanced Rally Parts, and slightly updated body panels, while also keeping the window textures.
    • Added some new configurations
    • Updated model descriptions for some models to make them more useful
    • Removed some extra unnecessary files
    • Removed the duplicated Race model

    Thanks for all...
  8. Fixed the window textures that were broke in a previous update

    The windows had become very tinted in a previous update. I'm not entirely sure why. But they should be back to normal with this one.
  9. Race Bodykit update

    Upgraded the body kit graphics

    Pro Tip:

    I don't think anyone has noticed them, but the R60 has some rather interesting parts available in the parts selector. For example, if you equip the Race version with "The Downforce Master" [found under "additional modification"], you can actually drive on ceilings etc.
  10. Slightly improved mesh geometry

    There have been a fair number of complaints about the quality of the model. This update brings some slight tweaks to make the body panels fit together better, without such harsh lines. Its still not pretty, but it is a little better.

    Specific area's of improvement are:
    • Harsh lines around the edge of the bonnet are far reduced
    • Some of the lines on the front bumper have been rounded off to look more realistic
    • The rear bumpers fitment with the bootlid
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