Alpha Raven R60 v70

Family hatchback / Rally Car / Electric Race Car / Off-Roader / etc..

  1. aljowen
    Heads Up

    If your vehicle spawns with a white gauge cluster, respawn it with [ctrl+r] and it should work fine after that point.

    Merry Christmas… I guess? :p

    screenshot_2018-12-19_21-52-17.png screenshot_2018-12-19_21-46-18.png screenshot_2018-12-19_21-39-44.png screenshot_2018-12-19_21-43-55.png screenshot_2018-12-19_21-57-53.png

    What is it?

    It’s a small family car, intended to compete with cars like the VW Golf , Renault Clio , Hyundai i20 etc. But from a brand that values lightness.

    There are also a bunch of variations, including an electric race car, WRC inspired Rally Car, and even a stripped hardcore electric off roader. As well as this there are bunch of mythical (aka unrealistic) components that can be added to the vehicle, these are denoted with a ‘~’ in front of their names in the parts selector (for example, a 1000hp engine).

    The stock models are tuned to be safe and controllable to drive everyday, however, with the ESC disabled it is possible to get the rear end sliding a small amount. If fiddling with wheel alignments is your thing, the chassis responds well to going sideways.

    The jbeam was built from scratch specifically for this vehicle. It features independent mcpherson strut suspension on all 4 corners (unorthodox I know). It also includes a towing hitch option, as well as a roof box and bike rack, should you want them.

    The Interactive Digital Dashboard

    Yes, this car has a fully digital interactive dashboard!
    It has its own integrated cruise control systems and a G-Meter.

    Up = 't'
    Down = 'g'
    Menu/Select = 'y'

    A Massive Thank You to:
    All the BeamNG devs, your mod support has been invaluable. Without you, this car wouldn't be 10% of what it is currently.
    @gabester , for allowing me to use his album art on the infotainment system.
    @roy99669 for user testing at many stages throughout development.

    Backstory (Why "Alpha"?)

    The R60 is the first jbeam I ever started, it is the vehicle that I used to learn how to mod BeamNG. However, as is always the case with “learning on the job”, lots of mistakes were made. While I have had massive amounts of fun working on and driving the R60, it’s been over 4 years since development started, and its clearer than ever that it will never be finished. So, I am releasing it as is. It may receive updates with cool new things, it may never receive an update. This is a hobby for me, so it will depend entirely on whether I feel like working on it or not. Now that it is public, hopefully other people (ie. You) will be able to have fun with it too :).

    By releasing the R60 as is, I can allow myself to spend more time working on newer more exciting things, rather than constantly trying to tie up loose ends on this mod.

    Tldr: This mod will never be finished, but it may still receive updates from time to time.​

Recent Reviews

  1. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: v70
    Good for the average family. Epic for the racers.
  2. TacoDoritos
    Version: v70
    The car is nice and the dashboard menu is cool too, but sadly sounds dont work in 0.23.2
  3. hosj
    Version: v70
    car go vroom...

    ok but seriously, this thing is nuts, put several thousand hp and a tall body= good time
  4. eggward
    Version: v70
    it's an ok car, and i understand it's your first car mod, but i hope you try and make it...better. it looks like a plastic toy, very simple and boring, and the rear and front lights don't really work. other than that, it's good
  5. Albertomegapro
    Version: v69
    its very realistic because the modes all you ravens are perfect
  6. GJG
    Version: v69
    cool and great its crashing cool and realistic.
  7. scary drive
    scary drive
    Version: v69
    This car has a god mode engine in it the engine is still on when I crash it million times
  8. Kozmic
    Version: v69
    Nice for potato PC :)
  9. Sandman08
    Version: v69
    looks like weirdo automation port, poor quality
  10. skeeterfinn
    Version: v69
    1. aljowen
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