Raven R21 / R20 1.2.1

Introducing the R21! *Now with PBR!*

  1. PBR

    Updated materials to PBR.

    A few other small tweaks and fixes also: (may be others too)
    • Slightly improved visuals for exhaust pipes
    • Fixed propshaft issues for RWD monster trucks
    • Slightly tweaked Monster Truck tyres

    Known Issues:
    • Stripes livery is broken (reason is currently unknown to me)
  2. Raven R21

    Added the Raven R21, fixed some bugs.

    Also added a heavier monster truck variant for people who wish to crush things.
  3. Aerodynamics update 2.0

    Further Aerodynamic improvements.
    • Car generates more drag (~50% more) which is closer to realism.
      • This update uses horsepower required to maintain 70mph as a general benchmark for comparison vs real life vehicles. Its probably still a bit low, but its now in the right ballpark.
    • General Aerodynamic balance tweaks
      • To adjust for the above changes.
  4. Better Aero and Bigger Tyres

    Car now behaves better still than last update, feels better with both wheel and controller. Oversteer is now easier to recover than before.
  5. BeamNG 0.21 compatibility update

    • Updated to reflect new BeamNG V0.21 tyre models
    • Small adjustment to wheel rim jbeams
    • Changed rear suspension geometry slightly
    The perceivable effect is that the car now feels less sharp and agile than before when using a steering wheel, but is also less likely to aim for hedge rows. On a controller or keyboard the difference is much less.
  6. Monster Trucks

    screenshot_2020-10-21_14-33-36.png screenshot_2020-10-21_14-36-26.png

    Major Updates
    Free Tier:
    • Rebellion Rear Wheel Steer (AWD)
    • Rebellion Rear Wheel Driver
    • Rebellion (AWD)
    Supporter Tier
    • Rebellion Pro*
    • Rebellion Insane**

    *Rebellion (AWD) with the "Race Pro" turbo added
    *Rebellion (AWD) with much more power
  7. Compatibility fix! + Improved Geometry

    • Works in new BeamNG update
    • Suspension Geometry is better, rear end feels significantly more tied down
    • Wheels can fall off
    • New skins (unfinished and pretty amateurish)

    Supporter Tier:
    • Turbo Settings allowing for more power (config panel)
    - With updated geometry the chassis can handle quite a bit more power now. The engine can only handle so much though.
    Status of future updates
  8. Minor Patch: Brake Disks

    Only a minor patch, no new content.
    • Brake disks should now be visible (Error due to a missing '_' in a string name :facepalm:)

    For those looking for a bit more info about future updates: There is new content in the works, but it is delayed due to a RSI health issue.
  9. Patched missing materials

    Some users have had issues with some missing materials, this minor patch fixes that.
  10. Better Shading, Universal Wheels, and other fixes

    Hello, this update brings:
    • Universal wheels (A massive thank you to @Ai'Torror )
    • Fixed Exhaust positions (Thanks to @Ai'Torror)
    • Better engine sounds (Once again thanks to @Ai'Torror)
    • Updated Normal map, This fixes the shading artefacts
    • Vehicle Mesh has been updated to fix the shading issues with the side accent line
    • The chassis now...
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