Alpha RatSide(RatRod) 2.1

Very early staged RatRod. Built from the burnside.

  1. Hotfix, includes proper jbeam for tube frame.

    This makes sure DAE files are proper, and also fixes the tube frame JBEAM. Now very rigid, and it works properly. Thanks for waiting.
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  2. Updated to 0.11

    Nitrous oxide, rotary engines, turbos, tranny's, configs and more!!

    Hello everyone, it's been a while. I'm happy to announce that this is now updated. Custom configs added, new engines and all!!

    Included now


    Wankel Drag

    GasCo inline 6 from the 1930's (This is based on a few old engines)
    -New config for this isn't available yet, for now. Just search for it under engines.

    I also updated the tube frame to be more realistic, now...
  3. Added Cabin camera, and new engines with proper configs. Plus Fmod sounds

    This update adds the new FMOD sounds into these engines, along with a tube frame. And also a new Diesel engine. So please enjoy!
  4. So much has been added!

    This update adds sooooo much to the RatSide. New configs, new models, a few ideas.
    Also a T-Bucket, as requested.


    1. RatRod_Frame.png
    2. RatRod_V8_Drag.png
    3. RatRod_V8_Supercharged.png
    4. RatRod_V10_Twin_Turbo_T-Bucket.png
    5. RatRod_V10_Twin_Turbos.png
  5. Added pictures

    We now have a few pics and some default pcs
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