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If you have more than one eyes, it's a VN

  1. G-Farce
    I don't have a clue mate. I saw a very good looking Holden VN commodore or something from bunnings, couldn't have been a mustang, though it probably plays carmageddon just as good. I was cruisin' and me eyes thought it looked mad good, like I was in heaven for looking at a commodore. Well after about one beer, I've dreamt up something that is just outrageous and totally butchers my credibility once and for all.

    • terrible and dusty paintjob
    • more hp than stock
    • 6 gears, that's mad ay
    • bad looks
    • Zero star ANCAP safety rating!
    • turbo, does maaad skids
    • put a shrimpy on the barbie, it likes to crash into trees
    • my m8 is borrowing the wheel
    • central locking
    • professionally cut springs so it scrapes n crashes better than it speedbumps. mate are you mirin?
    • excuses for why it hasn't been deleted yet

    Note found in doorcard: The VIN doesn't match the chassis?

    Drive it, drift it, hate it, and delete it. But it will need a fresh paintjob right off the lot. This is a social experiment. Did you forget to paint it?! Enjoy your one-owner smoking manual non-thrashed VN classic! G'day moite I'll call you in the arvo I'm at the servo an me mums busy on the tele watchin west indies have a VB from the mini bar it's Australian! Yeahh mate


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    2. screenshot_2022-06-20_23-51-14.png

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