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Beta Random US Police pack 1.4.7

Lore friendly US police skin pack

  1. 1.4 Update

    What's up gamers ! New update here.

    This update took quite a long time to come out due to an issue with the skins and the fact that i've changed my all PC which mean transfering all the data.

    Added in this update :

    Skins :
    - Caprice Classic Beamton Police :

    - ECPD Mobile command post trailer skin :

    - Grand Marshall Beam County Sheriff Department :

    - Roamer Beam County Sheriff Department :

    Dry Rock Island Police :

    ECPD new skin :

    - Beam State Police H45 :

    - Beam State Police SWAT H45 :

    Skins based on @primo3001 's American Road cities.

    - New Cargill Police :

    - Eastdale Police :

    - North Barstow State Police :

    Misc :
    - Fixed the H45 ambulance cab flashers to be just like the one on the thumbnails

    - Improved Grand Marshall configurations with last update to look more realistic.

    - New red/white led flashers for the H45.

    - Updated the lightbars and configurations on the H45

    - Fixed Pessima's Beamton skin (new)

    - Added Blue/Red unmarked flashers

    That's all for now. Don't forget to share your ideas and impressions.

    See you next time, regards. Raphaƫl.
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