Beta Rambler GTS 2.0

AWD coupe powered by a tuned turbo boxer 4 cylinder engine

  1. fixture updates and addition of interior.

    This update includes an interior and some changes to improve the overall sporty appearance. The soft top has been replaced in favor of a stiffer sportier hard top. Some mechanical changes were made to the tires and suspension to improve mid-corner grip and the dual clutch transmission has been replaced with a proper manual. The engine remains the same for this mod, but another version with a different engine and more power is in the works!


    1. RamblerGTS20photo1.png
    2. RamblerGTS20photo2.png
    3. RamblerGTS20photo3.png
    4. RamblerGTS20photo4.png
    5. RamblerGTS20photo5.png
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