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Experimental RallySport Configuration for Sunburst v.1.1

Make your Sunburst handles truly likes a Mitsubishi Evolution RS

  1. speedhunter

    -2.0l turbo engine with HIVEC(Hirochi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system)
    -Full-time awd with ARDC(Active Rear Differential Control)
    -Rally-inspired tuning and suspension
    -Minimal interior and equipment for weight reduction
    -Quick-ratio steering
    -Chassis enhancement such as strut bar
    -Nomi steering wheel

    This configuration gives you a mechanical,raw feeling of a rally car.
    No electronic assists were ever installed,such as ESC and ABS.
    The car has sharp turn-in and it will maintain a slight oversteer throughout a corner.0 understeer guaranteed

    Note:the suspension geometries were tuned mostly for tarmac driving conditions.Please drive extra-carefully on offroad driving conditions such as gravel or snow.


    Please comment below for any problems with this mod.:)


    1. screenshot_00001.png
    2. screenshot_00002.png
    3. screenshot_00003.png
    4. screenshot_00004.png
    5. screenshot_00005.png
    6. screenshot_00006.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: v.1.1
    It's not yourvec, it's MIVEC

    i really hope you get that joke
    1. speedhunter
      Author's Response
      Sure.Because my name is Alex too
  2. juanchitrucco
    Version: v.1.1
    "drive extra-carefully on offroad driving conditions" yeah... i`ll surely do that
  3. slava.kozlov.05
    Version: v.1.1
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