Unsupported raft's car parts mod (cancelled) 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)

woah stuffs

  1. sunburst update

    This update includes support for sunburst (all aftermarket turbos), added 1 turbo for the sunburst and 1 tuned engine for the sunburst
    "Redline R" turbo, this turbo makes the engine's revs up to 12000 RPM, it makes around 650HP when equipped with the tuned engine.
    Engine: A 2.2 liters inline 4 engine, tuned for racing. This engine can revs up to 10000 RPM with normal intakes. This engine makes about 350HP.
    configs coming soon for the sunburst
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  2. the config update

    This update renames all Nomi turbos, adds 1 new engine for the 200BX, 3 turbo for both cars, 2 configs for Covet and 1 config for 200BX.
    Nomi S150 > S3150 (street, 3rd gen, stage 1)
    Nomi R270 > R3270 (race, 3rd gen, stage 2)
    Nomi XR380 > XR3380 (extreme racing, 3rd gen, stage 3)
    Added "Nomi X1380", first gen stage 3 extreme turbo
    Added "Nomi XR4380", 4th gen stage 3 extreme racing turbo
    Added "Nomi X300 Prototype", prototype nomi drag turbo
    Engine: 2.0 I4 Engine (Pro Tuned), makes...
  3. more engine, more configs, more turbos

    This update adds support for covet and 2 new engine (1 for 200BX, 1 for Covet), 2 configs (200BX) and 2 turbo (for both):
    engine: A tuned 200BX engine, makes 154PS (151HP), and now lighter
    A drag config for 200BX, equipped with a Nomi XR380 turbo
    R Package for 200BX, equipped with a tuned engine, spoiler, race suspension, new rims and a R Package turbo
    The R Package turbo, makes around 180PS for the tuned engine (for 200BX only)
    "Bay M5", makes around 280PS for 200BX, 260PS...
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