Unsupported raft's car parts mod (cancelled) 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)

woah stuffs

  1. its back

    i took a break because of vtec supercharger issue, its gone for now, maybe when im more experienced i will try again, but for now its gone
    added new engine sound and a new engine for the 200bx (based on the sr20 and ka24 on the 180/200/240sx), improved sunburst's "REDLINE" turbo lineup, now only on the 2.2l racing engine
    added REDLINE S
    added REDLINE R
    added REDLINE RS
    added REDLINE RX (overpowered, for drag racing)
    pigeon turbos coming next (edit: no its not happening, it died with the vtec...
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  2. big fixes and better lighter supercharger

    remade the lighter insanity, now called "Less Insanity" and much more drivable, full throttle is still not recommended
    also i mean bug fixes because typo
  3. hot hot fix

    edited pre-facelift hood model, now it doesnt look deformed
    edited pre-facelift bumper model (for the second time), looks a bit better now and fixed the gap
    fixed the pre-facelift badge replacing stock one
    there are other stuff too like indestructible wheels and suspension stuff for the barstow and a pre facelift pessima and a lighter insanity supercharger
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  4. biggest boy yet

    this update adds a supercharger that makes around 1412820bhp and a (almost) indestructible driveshaft
    supercharger: insanity, makes 1412820bhp, basically a tons of "Easton PSCG3" paired together (extremely hard to drive)
    and a indestructible driveshaft so you dont bend your poor stock driveshaft
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  5. cool stuff

    this update adds a 6000hp supercharger, new intercoolers and stuff size for i series and other fixes
    supercharger: "Easton PSGC3 Triple Supercharger", Easton PSGC3 times 3, it makes 6000hp
    improved intercooler, air filter and turbo size for i series
    added okudai turbos for i series
    removed unused parts
  6. me me big boy

    this update adds 2 turbos and some custom models for the turbos
    "Okudai VR21", Okudai's 2nd gen racing turbo (only for 200bx for now)
    "Okudai A28", Okudai's 2nd gen low end turbo, it only makes around 190hp for the 200bx but the cooling is very good (only for 200bx for now)
    "Easton PSCG3", A stage 4 supercharger, makes around 2130hp when mounted on a Gavril Performance V8 engine (ill probably make a twin supercharged version with a actual model)
    edited air filters and intercooler's...
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  7. swaps

    This update adds a engine swap and a custom bumper for the pessima
    Added 2.0 I4 Engine from 200BX for the pessima
    Added a custom bumper for the pessima so the intercooler can fit

    also i might stop doing configs for this mod because im not interested in doing them
  8. muscle stuff

    This update adds 2 new engine, a supercharger for the Barstow and improved some other stuff such as model of I Series chopped front and turbo data
    Engine: 2.0L I4 Engine and a V8 engine from Gavril Performance for the Barstow
    Supercharger: Alder S3, Alder's entry level street superchrager
    configs coming next update because im lazy
    Others: Mirrored I Series chopped front model
    Added Barstow radiator support for 200BX engine with turbo equipped
    Removed 1980's Pessima's non functioning 200BX...
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  9. i series bug fixes

    A minor update, this update adds the Nomi XTREME radiator for the I Series, improves the model of the I Series Custom body, and fixed some turbos not showing up for the I Series
    Theres also a not working 200BX engine for the 80's Pessima, not sure how to make it work, it might be removed next update
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  10. chop chop

    This version adds a new body style for the ETK I Series, 2 turbos and more stuff like steering

    Body style:
    ETK I Series with a chopped front, most nodes is removed without messing up the engine for a more realistic weight
    Nomi R3275, a tuned turbo based on the R3270
    Nomi XTREME Variable Boost Turbocharger, customizable turbo, can make up to over 3000HP
    Added all turbos for ETK I series (some for 3.0 only)
    Added support for 1980s Pessima (only for DOHC engine)
    Tuned most of...
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