Unsupported raft's car parts mod (cancelled) 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)

woah stuffs

  1. its back

    i took a break because of vtec supercharger issue, its gone for now, maybe when im more experienced i will try again, but for now its gone
    added new engine sound and a new engine for the 200bx (based on the sr20 and ka24 on the 180/200/240sx), improved sunburst's "REDLINE" turbo lineup, now only on the 2.2l racing engine
    added REDLINE S
    added REDLINE R
    added REDLINE RS
    added REDLINE RX (overpowered, for drag racing)
    pigeon turbos coming next (edit: no its not happening, it died with the vtec supercharger)
    please tell me in the discussion section if something is broken
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