Unsupported raft's car parts mod (cancelled) 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)

woah stuffs

  1. me me big boy

    this update adds 2 turbos and some custom models for the turbos
    "Okudai VR21", Okudai's 2nd gen racing turbo (only for 200bx for now)
    "Okudai A28", Okudai's 2nd gen low end turbo, it only makes around 190hp for the 200bx but the cooling is very good (only for 200bx for now)
    "Easton PSCG3", A stage 4 supercharger, makes around 2130hp when mounted on a Gavril Performance V8 engine (ill probably make a twin supercharged version with a actual model)
    edited air filters and intercooler's model, now turbos with more power will have bigger air filters and intercooler and low end ones will have smaller air filters and intercooler (only for 200bx for now)
    screenshot_00322.png screenshot_00323.png
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