Unsupported raft's car parts mod (cancelled) 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)

woah stuffs

  1. Raft
    this mod is dead ok thx bye

    This mod adds a lot of stuff (more coming soon) for the 200BX, Sunburst, I Series, Barstow and the 1980s Pessima
    A insane 12-speed manual transmission (for 200BX)
    Body style:
    I Series with chopped front

    A faulty 2.0 I4 Engine (fire extinguisher not included) (for 200BX)
    A tuned 2.0 I4 Engine (for 200BX)
    A pro tuned 2.0 I4 Engine (for 200BX)
    A tuned 1.5 I4 DOHC engine (for Covet)
    Racing 2.2 I4 Engine (for Sunburst)
    2.0 I4 Engine for the Barstow and 80's Pessima(from 200BX)
    Gavril Performance V8 Engine for the Barstow

    Config: (covet config coming soon)
    A riced 200BX with faulty engine, faulty turbo, broken rear bumper and many visual "upgrades"
    A drag 200BX with many upgrades for drag racing
    200BX R Package, equipped with ibishu's own R Package turbo and race suspension and a tuned lightweight engine
    "Bay T200", a modified covet built by "Bay"
    Covet "Sleeper", a extremely quick drag car with a unexpected look
    200BX "Night Rider", a quick and lightweight track/drift car
    Nomi Dragcar Prototype, a failed drag car
    I Series "Chopped", coming soon

    "Nomi XTREME", a very high performance radiator, useful for drag cars (only on 200BX/Barstow/I Series for now)

    "Bay M5", makes around 280PS for 200BX, 260PS for Covet
    "Bay G2", makes 199PS (196HP) when equipped with stock engine, makes 195PS (192HP) when equipped with a faulty engine
    A faulty "Bay G2" turbo, makes 199PS (196HP) when equipped with stock engine, makes 185PS (182HP) when equipped with a faulty engine
    "Nomi S3150", makes 229PS (225HP)
    "Nomi R3270", makes 312PS (307HP)
    "Nomi R3275", tuned version of R3270
    "Nomi XR3380", makes 767PS (756HP), best for drag racing
    "Nomi XR4380", 4th gen nomi drag turbo
    "Nomi X300 Prototype", a failed drag turbo that overheats easily
    "Nomi X1380", first gen successful nomi drag turbo
    "Nomi XTREME Variable Boost Turbocharger", a customizable turbo, can make up to over 3000HP
    "Redline R", only for sunburst, Redline's best selling turbo because of its low price and reliable, but it only supports sunburst.
    R Package turbo, makes around 180PS, equipped only in the 200BX R Package
    "Okudai VR21", Okudai's 2nd gen racing turbo, meant to compete with Nomi's R3270
    "Okudai A28", Okudai's 2nd gen low end turbo, it only makes around 190hp for the 200bx but the cooling is very good (only for 200bx for now)
    Insanity, makes 5087PS (5015HP)
    probably the only one you want
    "Alder S3", Alder's street legal entry level supercharger
    "Easton PSCG3", A stage 4 supercharger, makes around 2130hp when mounted on a Gavril Performance V8 engine
    Triple "Easton PSCG3", if 2000hp is not enough i think i have a solution for you

    Drifting steering with increased steering lock (only for 200BX)
    Broken bumper for 200BX
    200BX radiator support for Barstow
    Custom cut bumper for the 80's Pessima
    Bigger or smaller intercooler and air filters (only for 200bx for now)

    screenshot_00196.png screenshot_00197.png
    screenshot_00198.png screenshot_00203.png screenshot_00205.png screenshot_00211.png
    screenshot_00209.png screenshot_00210.png
    screenshot_00208.png screenshot_00247.png
    screenshot_00248.png screenshot_00259.png screenshot_00286.png screenshot_00323.png screenshot_00322.png screenshot_00330.png
    please report bugs at the discussion section
    you can rate this mod however you want, but please just report bugs at the discussion section
    more parts will come, i will add parts for others cars too
    thanks for over 2000 downloads!
    @Peter Derby for idea and how to make new body style
    @Godzilla! for helping me with the pessima 200bx engine thing

Recent Updates

  1. its back
  2. big fixes and better lighter supercharger
  3. hot hot fix

Recent Reviews

  1. ParadoxShiba
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    For f*cks sake activate the mod! The reason its sh*t is because YOU ARE NOT WORKING ON IT
  2. F0rty
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    please activate it omfg why do you think it's a shit mod just fucking activate it don't abandon it
  3. Szymon2007
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    1. Raft
      Author's Response
      this mod is shit and unrealistic anyway
  4. Gnarlex™
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    It is such an amazing mod.
    Finally someone who takes it to another level.
    If you continue it this summer, we will all support you.
    I hope this mod will make a comeback.
    1. Raft
      Author's Response
      i might make another mod like what happened with djplopper's config pack
  5. BOYA94
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    pls update so good :(
    1. Raft
      Author's Response
      no updat sory man
  6. Nathan24™
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    I like it but it is a shame you abandoned it. :(
  7. monobrau
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    I used this alot of times once I got it installed.
  8. Sharpshotz
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    Summer 2018... damn
  9. zyllos007
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    This was a DAMN good mod. It'd be a shame if you abandoned it as it was starting to get good.
  10. MillenniumJade™
    Version: 0.5d (for BeamNG 0.10+)
    Dude dont give up, we will support you. i think this is the best mod ever is seen, keep working for best mod
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