QFS QM2 2020 (2017-2020) Base Model 1.0

Is an small MPV, with a VEMIO engine, tall roof, graceful design and alot of room!

  1. MEM756
    This is the teaser original image I released on August 17th.

    Hi there! MEM756 here, and today I'm finally releasing the QFS RM2, that I had had it for a while, and it's very cool!

    This is a compact MPV, made by QFS in it's native country of France, for the European Market, and in Ceromia, in Qlassika. It's an economic alternative to a Crossover-SUV, in a small package, a beautiful design, but a VEMIO E-Qlasse engine, with a awesome room inside!

    Now this is the standard, base model, not fleet, but you can identify key elements on design, with long wheelbase and tall roof. If it looks like a crossover, it does, like the roofbars, or the stair for come in, but it isn't an CUV, just has that for comfort.

    This is afront view, in a clearer environment, it has the classic QFS grille, big C-Shaped lights, and big wheels, but not so high ride height.
    The same design translates into the rear view, with a harmonized graphics, which stand higher, also with a big tailgate, and a TOW HITCH (you can tow stuff)!

    Now, heres a look into the car inside BeamNG Drive, on a front view.

    Here's a look at the rear view.

    Now, a look ontop, with the roof-bars and sunroofs for each row of seats!

    Here's a look in automation, to the platform, and engine.

    Feel feel test all of my cars including this one, and tell me down below what do you think about this car, and say me, if you prefer this over crossovers, or if you think this car is nice looking, or if wait worthed it. I'll be uploading the base fleet model soon too.Thanks for watching, and see you the next time!

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing Work!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I've seen you really like my cars. You're cars are also amazing! If you wait me a little bit, some days, I'll be uploading the base fleet model, the one with plastic black bumper and white body, you'll like that one too, and I have a surprise: You've may have heard about my MAIC Group, having a joint-venture wth Hunter Atkins' DMG. He has uploaded already some cars of that, Today, I may also upload my first one!
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