QFS KM2V Passanster 2020 JDM-Kei Car 1.0

If you want a K-Car, with lots of space and it being QFS, here it is.

  1. MEM756
    Hi there. So, today, I'll be showing you a Kei-Car, wagon like, which is JDM, but not only. It's the QFS KM2V Passanster. It's also sold on Qlassika, and it's awesome!:

    So, the design, is steriotipically Kei Car, and QFS, but with its own touches:
    Both front and rear you can see the influences, but it feels different, may be the color, the licence plate, the rear window area, or all of them, but it feels unique.
    Photo208.png screenshot_2020-10-09_13-39-34.png
    Here, it is on BeamNG Drive, you can see how it looks here.
    Now, the engine is pretty Keicarish, what you'd expect.

    So, feel free to test this and all my other cars, and tell me if you liked this car, and also if you'd prefer more non-japanese Kei cars. So, thanks for watching, and see you next time!
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