QDSA Friendlier Panel Van 1st Generation (1998-2007) 1.0

The first generation out of 3 I'll be uploading, of the french Small Van in it's utility version.

  1. MEM756
    Hi tehre! Today, I will show you 1 out of 6 variants of this model I'll upload; this one, is a First Generation 1998-2007 QDSA Frendlier, in its Panel Van configuration, you know, for driving and dropping around stuff around the city, instead of people, and with only neccesary technology for driver and passanger.

    Here's a deeper look into it:

    At the front, it has a simple design, with only the necessary: black bumpers, halogen lights, simple grilles, no rear passanger windows (because there isn't any), and simple hub caps, instead of rims. Also remember this is a late 90's model, nothing so modern.

    Also, at the rear it has the same details told at the front, but with a large cargo window, brake light, and that's pretty much it. It's clean, only the necessary.

    Again, a simple car needs a simple layout. Here's a quick look at the underside.

    Now, in a white background in automation, front (above), and rear (below).

    So yeah: Feel free to test this and all my other cars, and tell me what do you think about it, and which other versions you want me to do from this car. So, thanks for watching, and see you the next time!

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    Nice van and nice story!!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I have the passanger version of this generation, the second gen. (2008-2017) in both bodies, and the third one too (2018-2027 (maybe)), be pacient, they will come out. Until then, enjoy driving this and my other cars, feel free to test them!
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